Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

All participants in the process of preparing the manuscript for publication should inform the editorial staff about potential causes for conflict of interest. The authors have the right to specify in the cover letter, the names of those professionals who, in their opinion, it is not necessary to send the manuscript for review in connection with the possible, as a rule, a professional, a conflict of interest. This information is confidential and is taken into account while organizing the review. The reviewers are obliged to inform the editorial Board about the possibility of a conflict of interest when reviewing and the reasons that may affect their opinion about the manuscript. They have the right to refuse to review specific articles, if they consider it justified. The editor does not appoint external reviewers if there is a chance of conflict of interest.

Reviewers are notified on the manuscripts being intellectual property of the author(-s) not subjected to disclosure. Reviewers are not allowed to copy manuscripts.

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